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Donate a Car

We’ve partnered with Vehicle Donation to Any Charity (V-DAC) to make donating your car easy. Simply by donating your vehicle, in working condition or not, you can make a significant impact at Pet Peace of Mind.  It’s hassle-free for you, and benefits our patients and pets!  By donating your vehicle, we can partner with more hospice programs nationwide.  You will be helping preserve the human-animal bond for terminally ill patients by ensuring they have all the pet care assistance they need when they become too ill to care for their pets. 

How it Works

All Vehicles Accepted
Any type of vehicle is accepted in any condition…running or not:  cars, trucks, motorcycles, RV’s, boats, airplanes, heavy equipment, farm machinery, etc.  No smog certificate is necessary, and we can solve almost all title issues. 

There is no cost to the donor or the charity.  All expenses are deducted from the gross sales price.  If the costs ever exceed the price, the company that operates the program covers those costs.

Quick Pick Up
We have contracts with over 3500 tow companies, auctions and recyclers nationwide, so we pick up anywhere in the country.  You will receive a call from our tow service to arrange a convenient time, and your vehicle will be picked up within a few days of receiving the paperwork.

Donate Online or by Pone
Click on Donate Online and input your vehicle and pick-up information on our website.  Or call 1-877-999-8322 and a trained Service Center Staff member will walk you through the donation process.

Tax Benefits
You are entitled to receive a tax deduction equal to the sales price of the vehicle if you itemize your deductions.  If the vehicle sells for less than $500, donors can deduct the “fair market value” up to $500.  You will receive a tax receipt or IRS Form 1098C stating what the vehicle sold for within 30 days of the sale.

Donate Online
Donate by Phone -1-877-999-8322

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