Pet Peace of Mind volunteers are still finding many ways to support the bond of love between patients and their pets while maintaining social distancing guidelines. Across the country they are busy finding new forever homes for orphaned pets, dropping off pet food, and transporting pets in need of veterinary and grooming care.

Jake, a very sweet nine year old Border Collie and a loyal family member to a patient of Hospice of the Ozarks in Mountain Home, AR was ready for a summer trim and vaccinations. Thanks to Hospice of the Ozarks’ Pet Peace of Mind program and community support, they were able to provide Jake with his rabies and Bordetella vaccinations, flea and tick prevention, in addition to grooming and a blowout for his double coat.

When Jake arrived back at home, he ran to his “dad” with a smile on his face and jumped up to his favorite spot on the porch swing where his dad joined him. They both enjoy spending time together swinging, and Jake also takes his “mom” for a walk down to the creek every day.

Jake is a devoted and essential family member, and we are especially grateful to the volunteers who made his pet care needs a priority.