Pet Peace of Mind Helps Hospice and Seriously Ill Patients Keep Their Pets

black poodleMany people bond with their pets in much the same way they bond with other people. Pets are treated and loved like family members and they comfort their owners much like a close friend or relative.  

For these pet families, the human-pet bond takes on deeper meaning and value when the pet parent is facing a life-limiting or terminal illness. Pets may serve as their sole source of companionship, comfort and love and give them hope and a reason to get up every day. As their illness progresses, most patients will need help with pet care issues.

Some patients are fortunate to have a broad support network and receive all they assistance they need. Unfortunately, as some families deal with grief and loss surrounding the patient’s illness, beloved pets may be overlooked or treated as an afterthought by family members who are unfamiliar with the patient’s bond with a pet.

Pet Peace of Mind provides the solution to this challenging situation. Our program helps local hospice and palliative care organizations meet the needs of their patients with pets.

Dianne McGill, Pet Peace of Mind’s President, has overseen programs that work to keep older adults and their pets together and knows first-hand the many health benefits of the human-pet bond.

I know of countless patients who have said that their pet is their lifeline.  Pets are great medicine for coping with the anxiety the comes from dealing with a serious medical condition. For many patients, keeping their pets near them during the end of life journey and finding homes for their beloved pets after they pass is one of the most important pieces of unfinished business.  — Dianne McGill


Pet Peace of Mind educates hospice, home health, hospital and palliative care organizations about the importance of pets in the lives of their patients and helps them support those pets in practical ways. Our program provides a turnkey approach to help them establish a local program to train volunteers to help patients with their pet care needs.   

Watch this video to learn more about our work.

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Interested in volunteering for a local program?

Volunteers can help by providing much-needed services to vulnerable pet owners. If you are ready to help, send us an email and we’ll connect you to one of our partners.

Interested in volunteering for the national program office?

Volunteers can help by providing much-needed administrative, research, and fundraising assistance. Volunteer assignments are designed to be performed in your home. If you are ready to be part of the movement to transform pet care for hospice and palliative patients, send us an email and we’ll put you to work!

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